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Stone Mastic Asphalt
This technical note provides an overview of the use of stone mastic asphalt in Australia.
Foamed Bitumen Sprayed Sealing
This technical note provides an overview of the use of foamed bitumen sealing in Australia.
Control of Moisture in Pavements During Construction
Controlling the moisture content of pavements during construction reduces the risk of damage to the pavement. This technical note provides advice related to specifying, constructing and testing pavements.
Dry Powdered Polymer Stabilising Binder
This note provides guidance for evaluation the suitability of dry powdered polymer as a stabilisaing binder and outlines application and construction methods.
Effect of Design, Construction and Environmental Factors for Long-Term Performance of Stabilised Materials
This technical note covers factors that can be considered in the design process and how they affect the performance of the stabilised materials.
Performance Criteria for Insitu Stabilised Pavements
This technical note outlines those performance criteria used for stabilised pavements in Australia and highlights test variations possible for projects according to their size and traffic volume.
Ultra Thin Asphalt Surfacing
This technical note provides guidance on the use of ultra thin asphalt surfacings which are typically placed with a minimum thickness of around 12-15 mm, or about half the thickness of similar sized conventional asphalt wearing course mixes.
The Use of Recycled Crumb Rubber in Asphalt
This technical note reports on tests relating to the use of recycled crumb rubber in asphalt.
Insitu Stabilisation of Marginal Materials
This technical note reports on the construction and testing of a test pavement using marginal materials.
TDR Gauges
This technical note provides guidance on the use of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology.