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Guide to Asset Management Technical Information Part 13: Structures Asset Management
Part 13 of the Guide to Asset Management provides guidance on: (a) the establishment and maintenance of structures asset inventories and, (b) the monitoring of asset structure performance. It discusses the need for road agencies to measure asset…
Guide to Asset Management Technical Information Part 15: Technical Supplements
The technical supplements presented in Part 15 of the Guide to Asset Management cover the knowledge and condition assessment of pavements, structures and other assets.
Asset management Strategy for Road-related Assets (Safety Infrastructure)
The provision and maintenance of safety infrastructure such as safety barriers and safety fences enhances roadside safety and vehicle movement and reduces the risk of road crashes and their severity. This report provides guidance for the management…
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 1: Introduction and Bridge Performance
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 1 provides general information about bridge design and construction. Topics covered in this Part include factors affecting bridge performance, their relationship to bridge design standards, and the evolution of…
Accelerated Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Supplementary Cementitious Materials to Suppress Damaging AAR Expansion in Concrete Structures

This report provides the results of testing of three potentially reactive aggregates by the accelerated mortar bar test (AMBT) and the concrete prism test (CPT).

The tests were conducted using reference mixes, which contained plain Portland cement as…

Revised Seismic Design Provisions in AS 5100.2
The seismic design provisions in AS 5100 have recently been revised to accord with AS 1170.4:2007. The revised provisions were mainly based on Austroads technical report AP-T200-12, titled Bridge Design Guidelines for Earthquakes .
Next Generation of Facilities for Testing and Inspection of Bridge
This paper studies the mechanical and Data Acquisition performance of a Robotic Transverse Profiler (RTP), designed and built in the partnership between with ARRB and Laboratory of Motion Generation and Analysis for pavement technology study. A…
Achieving Low Life Cycle Cost
  • ABC2017-122-17
  • 26 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
Bridges, tunnels and other road structures are presently designed to achieve their design life requirement of 100 years. This may not necessarily lead to a cost-effective outcome and all asset owners are seeking the lowest whole of life cycle cost…
Emergency Responses to the Accidentally Damaged Bridges
The Infrastructure Asset management is facing critical demand and challenges in encountering the concerning issues pertaining to the existing bridges due to un-foreseen accidents. The emergency issues arising due to possible vandalism, low height…
Bridge-Vehicle Dynamic Interactions: Results from Recent Load Tests
As part of the National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACoE), the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) with ARRB Group has embarked on a program of research investigating the dynamic interactions between bridges and vehicles. The…