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Webinar: Vehicles as a Workplace
This webinar, presented on 9 October 2019, provides an overview of the ‘Vehicles as a Workplace: Work Health & Safety Guide' from a safety, regulatory and industry perspective.
Webinar: National View on Regional and Remote Road Safety
This webinar, presented on 1 October 2019, provides an overview of the causes and contributing factors behind road crashes in regional and remote areas, and strategic guidance to identify the best approaches to eliminate harm.
Safe System Workshop Materials
In 2016 Austroads partnered with member agencies to deliver a series of 15 workshops to disseminate and explore the findings of Austroads Safety Projects: Translating Safe System Infrastructure Research and Knowledge into Practice (SS2016),…
Guide to Road Safety Part 5: Road Safety for Regional and Remote Areas
Road trauma in regional and remote areas of Australia and New Zealand are a major road safety problem. Drivers and riders in regional and remote areas are at an unacceptably greater risk of road deaths and injuries than those living in major cities.…
National View on Regional and Remote Road Safety
Road crash fatality rates continue to be unacceptably higher in regional and remote areas than major cities. This report provides a comprehensive investigation of the causes of road crashes in regional and remote Australia and gives strategic…
Motorised Mobility Devices Discussion Paper
This discussion paper seeks stakeholder views on: options  for the adoption of Australian Standard’s Technical Specification for  Motorised Mobility Devices; and considerations  associated with a national…
Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Heavy Vehicle Statutory Write-Offs
This Guide has been developed by Austroads and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) to support the consistent application of special assessment criteria for the classification of heavy written-off vehicles (HWOVs). The new…
Better Management of End-of-Life Vehicles
This report sets out a rationale for modifying the national vehicle registration framework to enable better end-of-life management of vehicles.
Vehicles as Workplace
Work health and safety legislation in Australia and New Zealand defines vehicles as a workplace. Vehicle use in road traffic is by far the most significant contributor to work-related traumatic injury.
Evaluation of the Potential Safety Benefits of Collision Avoidance Technologies Through Vehicle to Vehicle Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) in Australia
For years, improvements in driver behaviour, vehicle safety and road infrastructure have made the road network much safer. As roads become safer, many economic benefits are achieved for society, both direct and indirect. In the past, the primary…