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Webinar: Road Risk Assessment, Case Studies and Engagement Guidance for Speed Management
This webinar, presented on 26 March 2019, provides an overview of Infrastructure Risk Rating - a simple road assessment methodology designed to assess road safety risk at a network level, primarily as an input to the speed limit setting process.
Infrastructure Risk Rating Manual for Australian Roads
This manual sets out the steps for undertaking an IRR assessment. It is divided into four parts: identify supporting data sources; identify homogenous road sections; code road and roadside features; and calculate IRR score and risk band.
Road Risk Assessment, Case Studies and Engagement Guidance for Speed Management
Inappropriate or excessive speed is a major road safety issue. Effective speed management is fundamental and critical to reducing speed-related road trauma. Speed limit setting is at the core of speed management. Speed limits need to be set at a…
Australian National Risk Assessment Model
The Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) helps road agencies identify fatal and serious injury (severe) crash risk across all parts of the road network. ANRAM helps road agencies manage this risk through development of treatment…
Road Safety Engineering Risk Assessment: Stage 1
This report forms part of a multi-stage Road Safety Engineering Risk Assessment research project that aims to increase the level of knowledge on the relationship between crash risk and road elements. The management of the road network to provide…
The Road Safety Risk Manager Software Tool: Background Research
Managing road safety risk is now, more than ever, a critical function of road asset owners. The ARRB Transport Research and Austroads developed Road Safety Risk Manager will provide authorities with a powerful tool to manage, prioritise and track…
Drugs and Driving in Australia
The effects of alcohol on drivers in reducing abilities and increasing the risk of being involved in road crashes is well known. In principle, any substance affecting the central nervous system can affect the abilities required to safely control a…