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Relationships Between Cutter Oil Properties and Sprayed Seal Performance
This study investigated the relationship between cutter oil properties and sprayed seal performance so that this information could be used as a basis for updating Australian Standard 3568. AS 3568 specifies the properties of four different types of…
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4D: Stabilised Materials
The use of stabilisation technology for stabilising and recycling materials for pavement construction and maintenance is widely accepted as a cost-effective method of improving long‑term performance and reducing whole-of-life costs of modern,…
Webinar: Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4D: Stabilised Materials
This webinar, presented on 11 April 2019, gives an overview of the key changes to the Guide and the significant advances in the areas of stabilisation or road pavements.
Webinar: Long-Term Pavement Performance Study
This webinar, presented on 7 March 2019, provides an overview of Austroads' long-term pavement performance study.
Deformation Performance of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements Under Full-scale Accelerated Loading
This report details the first phase of Austroads project TT2046 Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements which evaluated the deformation performance of foamed bitumen stabilised materials
Long-term Pavement Performance Study: Final Report
This report summarises the outputs and benefits of the long‑term pavement performance (LTPP) study which ran from 1994 to 2018 and was funded by Austroads. The study had three primary objectives: to enhance road asset management strategies…
Flexural Beam Test Methods for Cemented Materials
This test method describes the methods for the determination of the flexural modulus, strength and fatigue characteristics of laboratory‑manufactured cemented materials using four point bending techniques.
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design provides advice for the structural design of sealed road pavements. The advice has been generally developed from the approaches followed by the Austroads member agencies. However, as it…
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Austroads LTPP/LTPPM Study - Final Summary Report 2017-18
The report provides a summary of works undertaken during the period 2017–18 for Austroads project AT1064 – Long-term pavement performance (LTPP). The weakest element of Pavement Management Systems currently in place or being developed in…