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Revised Interim Works Effect Models

This study sought to extend the understanding of pavement works effects (WE) by extending the scope of WE treatments and evaluation measures previously used.

The study was based on data extracted from Austroads long?term pavement performance (LTPP)…

Unsealed Road Maintenance and Deterioration Performance

This report describes a two-year study designed to quantify the immediate and longer-term maintenance impact of grader blading and surface re-sheeting on unsealed roads.

The project assembled and analysed roughness data collected by Cassowary Coast…

Austroads LTPP / LTPPM Study - Summary Report 2014-15

This report provides a summary of activities completed during 2014–15 for the Austroads long term pavement performance monitoring project.

Austroads has funded the long-term pavement performance study since late 1994. The project monitors the…

National Steer Axle Mass Limits
This report examines issues associated with potential changes to mass limits for steer axles on heavy vehicles in Australia.
Incorporating Uncertainty in Pavement Management System (PMS) Modelling: Phase 1

This proof of concept study used the data condensation technology of stochastic information packets (SIPs) in MS Excel to allow complete storage of all collected data. This approach, when connected to a pavement management system (PMS), was able to…

Freight Axle Mass Limits Investigation Tool (FAMLIT) User Guide
This hands-on user guide for the Freight Axle Mass Limits Investigation Tool (FAMLIT) describes its data inputs, data outputs and performance models.
Deploy and Refine the Road Wear Modelling Methodologies: FAMLIT Final Report

This report is the final technical document for the Deploy and refine the road wear modelling method(AT1734) project to provide an overview of the process of calculating the marginal cost of road pavement wear and the Freight Axle Mass Limits…

Analysing Dynamic Wheel Loading and its Effects on the Network

This interim report is the third and final deliverable in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 project years for Austroads project AT1733, Analysing Dynamic Wheel Loading and its Effects on the Network. The purpose of the project is to quantify the impacts of…

Further Development of Probabilistic Road Deterioration Modelling: Pilot Application

This report documents research to further develop probabilistic modelling work undertaken in 2012 and demonstrate the impact the variations in predictions of the main dependent variable, roughness, has on road agency costs (RAC) and vehicle…

Interim Road Deterioration Models during Accelerated Deterioration

The accelerated deterioration of pavements subject to increased axle loading needs the development of interim road deterioration (RD) models so that the cost of accelerated deterioration can be estimated. These RD models were based on selected…