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Asphalt Fatigue Damage Healing and Endurance Limits: Guide Implementation Options

Overseas research has suggested that asphalt fatigue endurance limit may exist, where applied strain is sufficiently low no fatigue damage accumulates in the asphalt as the rate of asphalt healing exceeds the rate of damage accumulation. The…

Unsealed Road Maintenance and Deterioration Performance

This report describes a two-year study designed to quantify the immediate and longer-term maintenance impact of grader blading and surface re-sheeting on unsealed roads.

The project assembled and analysed roughness data collected by Cassowary Coast…

Development of a Binder Test to Rank the Low Temperature Cracking Resistance of Polymer Modified Binders Stage 2: Hard Binders

This report describes the results obtained during the second year of work (2015–16) into the development of a binder test that can rank the low temperature cracking performance of PMBs.

Studies conducted during the first year of work (2014–15)…

Permeability of Sprayed Seals: Literature Review

This report describes a literature review on the permeability of sprayed seal surfacings. This review work was conducted to explore the permeability limits of sprayed seal surfacings, and to determine the influencing factors which allow seals to…

Selection and Design of Initial Treatments for Sprayed Seal Surfacings

This document is an update of the design of initial treatments for sprayed seal surfacing.

The information contained within this document supersedes that found in Austroads AP-T68-06 Update of the Austroads Sprayed Seal Design Method, and replaces…

Effect of Heavy Vehicle Traffic in Sprayed Seal Design

The principal aim of this work was to examine the effect of heavy vehicle loading on sprayed seals, in order to incorporate such loading impacts into the Austroads sprayed seal design method.

The current sprayed seal design method uses an equivalent…

Review of Australasian and Overseas Specifications and Performance Tests for Bitumen

This report describes a literature review on the bitumen/binder specifications and test methods used in Australasia, USA, Europe and South Africa. The project investigated whether the Australian and New Zealand bitumen specifications are adequately…

Maximising the Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mix Design: Field Validation
The use of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) in asphalt mixes provides a vital basis for sustainable development. Maximising the re-use of RAP in its highest value application, as new asphalt product, has significant economic and environmental…
Austroads LTPP / LTPPM Study - Summary Report 2014-15

This report provides a summary of activities completed during 2014–15 for the Austroads long term pavement performance monitoring project.

Austroads has funded the long-term pavement performance study since late 1994. The project monitors the…

National Steer Axle Mass Limits
This report examines issues associated with potential changes to mass limits for steer axles on heavy vehicles in Australia.