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Webinar: Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project
This webinar, presented on 3 October 2019, provides an overview of an Austroads project that analysed telematics data to explore how heavy vehicles use Key Freight Routes.
Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project
This report provides a picture of how a range of heavy vehicles use roads designated as Key Freight Routes. The project collected telematics data from heavy vehicles and found that telematics can provide a wide range of statistics that can help…
Webinar: Establishing Extended Hours Delivery Trials
This webinar, presented on 22 November 2018, outlines the benefits of government working with industry and business to change delivery patterns by extending delivery hours.
Establishing Extended Hours Delivery Trials
The purpose of Austroads project NEF2095 ‘Establishing Extended Hours Delivery Trials’ is to prepare, engage, implement and evaluate trials of freight deliveries in urban areas in off-peak periods. The trials were set up using the…
Webinar: Modelling of High Productivity Vehicles in Metropolitan Areas
This webinar, presented on 13 February 2018, outlines the findings of an Austroads project on the modelling of high productivity vehicles in metropolitan areas. It covers literature review on the impacts to road operation, stakeholder consultation…
Modelling for High Productivity Vehicles in Metropolitan Areas
This report examines the impact of PBS 2B vehicle access on metropolitan roads.
Reassessment of the Benefits and Impacts of the Use of High Productivity Vehicles on Australian Highway Pavements
This report reassesses the benefits and impacts of using High Productivity Vehicles (HPVs) and proposes a method to consistently quantify pavement vertical loading of an individual vehicle design.
Performance Based Standards Level 1 Length Limit Review
This report outlines the application of a methodology developed for assessing the impact of a potential length increase for PBS Level 1 vehicles, based on the assessment criteria identified and discussed in workshops conducted in 2011. Fifty-five…
Vehicle Fleet Mix and Practices for Improving the Level of Service for Freight Vehicles
This report analyses the existing vehicle fleet mix and forecast future fleet growth and reviews the appropriate indicators for the level of service for freight vehicles. It also compiles the current practices in improving the efficiency of freight…
Forecasting Inter-regional Freight Transport from Regional Development
Describes a forecasting and scenario-testing model for freight flows between regions of Australia (by 16 commodities, by all modes).