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Rollover Crashes: Road Design Risk Factors and Infrastructure Solutions
Rollover crashes are an undesirable outcome in a substantial proportion of casualty crashes on high-speed roads. Rollovers are especially over-represented in run-off-road crashes due to their direct interaction with the roadside geometry. This…
Measures to Reduce Crashes Adjacent to and within Tunnels
This report identifies factors that contribute to the occurrence and severity of crashes adjacent to and within tunnels and suggests remedial treatments that will reduce the incidence and severity of these crashes.
Webinar: Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety (2017 Edition)
This webinar, presented on 16 November 2017, provides an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Traffic Management Part 13, such as updated information on driver workload and the Safe System, and incorporation of a discussion on human factors.…
Safety Benefits of Cooperative ITS and Automated Driving in Australia and New Zealand
Two rapidly developing technology areas, Cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and Automated Driving (AD) applications, are reputed to have a substantial impact on road trauma through the increased use of technology both to assist…
Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Safety Environment
Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety is concerned with traffic management practice under the Safe System philosophy. The Guide emphasises the need for the road system to provide an environment which assists road users to…
Safety at Road Worksites: Stage 1 Working Papers
This report details contemporary practices to mitigate risk and improve safety at road worksites.
Older Road Users: Emerging Trends
This report identifies trends in crash involvement amongst older road users (aged 75+).
Infrastructure Improvements to Reduce Motorcycle Casualties
This report presents the technical findings of a two-year study which sought to identify effective infrastructure improvements to reduce motorcycle crash risk and crash severity, based on how riders perceive, respond and react to infrastructure they…
Safety of Disadvantaged Road Users
This publication reports the literature review and statistical analysis stages of a project to investigate the relationship between disadvantage and road casualties.
Safe System Assessment Framework
This report proposes an assessment framework designed to help road agencies methodically consider Safe System objectives in road infrastructure projects.