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Development of a New Concrete Girder for Road Bridges
The paper describes the development, design and construction aspects of a completely new precast, prestressed concrete girder for road bridges.
Design and Documentation of the Twin Bridges over the Molonglo River on the Majura Parkway Project
The limits of the incremental launching technique were recently tested on the Majura Parkway project in the ACT.
Innovative Bridge Raising for Flood Immunity
This article describes the innovative raising of an existing 201 m long, six span bridge by 2.3 m for flood immunity.
Reinforced Concrete for the Construction Stage of an Incrementally Launched Bridge
This article discusses the 375m long incrementally launched bridges over the Usuthu River using reinforced concrete, with no pre-stressing, to carry the construction stage loads.
Analysis of Seismically Isolated Bridges
The new revision of AS5100.2 is under way and it will include extensive changes to the current earthquake design provisions. These new provisions for earthquake design outlined in the Austroads report AP-T200-12 “Bridge Design Guidelines for…
Next Generation Flexible Joint Material for Demanding Bridges
Expansions joints can be defined as a component of a bridge providing a continuous surface across the expansion gap for all classes of road users whilst accommodating all ranges of movements. Typically expansion joints are installed between adjacent…
Long Span Cable Stayed Bridges and Stay Cable Technology Development
The very long spans (over 600 m) have been traditionally dedicated to suspension bridges, but during the two last decades the cable-stayed bridges technology has spectacularly grown.
Design and Construction of Twin Track Dudley Street Bridge
The new Dudley Street Bridge is a 74m long structure supporting the Up and Down Regional Rail Link tracks to provide access to Platforms 1 to 8 at Southern Cross Station. The bridge is part of the $3.65 billion Regional Rail Link project in Victoria,…
Incorporating Heritage Considerations Into The Design Of The Western Highway - Ballarat Avenue of Honour Overpass
The Ballarat Avenue of Honour is a memorial to local service personnel who served in World War I and extends 22 kilometres from the iconic Ballarat Arch of Victory to Weatherboard Road.
Design of the Nepean River Bridge
  • ABC2017-067-17
  • 21 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
BG&E was commissioned by RMS in September 2014 to undertake the detailed design and documentation of a dual use pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the Nepean River near Penrith, NSW. The approved concept design at tender consisted of a 175m clear span…