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Dynamic Load Allowance: A Synthesis of the State of the Art
The dynamic interaction between heavy vehicles and bridges is a key consideration for bridge loading. Over many decades, engineers have sought to understand the phenomenon and determine suitable design rules to ensure safe designs. However, with the…
Photogrammetric Modelling and Drones for the Effective Inspection and Management of Major Steel Truss Bridges: Case Study
In recent years, the engineering and construction industry has seen a shift from manual-based inspection and maintenance assessments towards more automated and intelligent processes to ensure more efficient or effective means of managing structures…
Semi-Automation of Float & Platform Vehicle Bridge Assessments
The volume of heavy vehicle permit applications has continued to increase at approximately 8% per annum in Western Australia, requiring more engineering assessment time and pressure to maintain agreed permit turnaround times.
Austroads Project TP1951: Framework for the Rapid, Automated Assessment of Bridges for Heavy Vehicle General Network Access
A key component to improving freight productivity in Australia is to improve access to the network for heavy vehicle operators on a national basis. A nationally consistent framework for the
Application of Probability Based Assessment to Bridges
A common problem among bridge owners/managers is the need to reduce spending whilst attempting to operate and maintain an increasingly ageing bridge stock. In response to this challenge the past decade has seen increased interest by European bridge…
Assessment of High Street Masonry Arch Bridge Over Merri Creek for New Class Trams and Road Vehicle Loadings
This paper reports on a comprehensive investigation of the High Street Bridge over Merri Creek in Melbourne to determine its condition, load capacity and rating for trams and road vehicles.
Austroads Project TP1952: Higher Order Assessments for Existing Bridges
Assessment of existing bridges remains a key issue for many jurisdictions worldwide. It is recognised that there are distinct differences between design and assessment requirements for bridge evaluation, and that separate procedures are required in…
Bridge Assessment for High Productivity Freight Vehicle Access: Guidelines on Processes and Procedures
This report sets out a process for assessing road bridge capacity for High Productivity Freight Vehicle access to the road network.
Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Bridges to Carry Increased Vehicle Weights
Detailed investigation and live-load evaluation was undertaken for several 1930s reinforced concrete bridges followed by strengthening where required.
Movable Span Bridges of NSW: A New Classification System
NSW Roads and Maritime Services manage 26 movable span bridges of which 11 are still operational. These bridges were the subject of a recently completed study undertaken jointly by RMS and GHD Newcastle which focused on the components of each bridge…