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Bridge Assessment: A comparison of approaches by bridge engineers and the Performance Based Standards Scheme
This document describes the discrepancy between the tiers of bridge assessment documented in the Heavy Vehicle National Law’s Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme and the tiers of assessment Austroads bridge engineers adopt when conducting…
Higher Order Bridge Assessment in Australia
This report documents the options and methodologies available to conduct higher order assessments of existing bridges which are encouraged by but not currently defined by the new AS 5100.7. This was achieved by investigating the current…
Guide to Asset Management Technical Information Part 13: Structures Asset Management
Part 13 of the Guide to Asset Management provides guidance on: (a) the establishment and maintenance of structures asset inventories and, (b) the monitoring of asset structure performance. It discusses the need for road agencies to measure asset…
Guide to Asset Management Technical Information Part 15: Technical Supplements
The technical supplements presented in Part 15 of the Guide to Asset Management cover the knowledge and condition assessment of pavements, structures and other assets.
Asset management Strategy for Road-related Assets (Safety Infrastructure)
The provision and maintenance of safety infrastructure such as safety barriers and safety fences enhances roadside safety and vehicle movement and reduces the risk of road crashes and their severity. This report provides guidance for the management…
Implementation of a Nationally Consistent Framework for the Assessment of Bridges in Australia
This report extends on the work previously conducted by Austroads in investigating the development and implementation of a national automated bridge assessment framework. The work outlines the ongoing validation works and recommends a set of…
Operational and Inventory Management of Bridges
Theoretical assessments of a bridge network to AS5100.7 identify many bridges operating at margins smaller than those embodied in AS 5100.7. The cost of strengthening these bridges is unpalatable and the consequences of restricting access are…
Achieving Low Life Cycle Cost
  • ABC2017-122-17
  • 26 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
Bridges, tunnels and other road structures are presently designed to achieve their design life requirement of 100 years. This may not necessarily lead to a cost-effective outcome and all asset owners are seeking the lowest whole of life cycle cost…
Management of Heavy Vehicle Access to Bridges
Australia has regularly reviewed access to the road and bridge network with a view to increasing transport productivity. The current access regime for heavy vehicles has evolved over time with access now controlled by a range of regulations, notices,…
Introduction of E Class Trams on Melbourne's Tram Network and the Impact on VicRoads' Bridges
Over recent years, Public Transport Victoria through its operator Yarra Trams, has been gradually introducing new class trams (of which the E Class is the heaviest and longest) on Melbourne’s tram network.