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Thermal Movements of Tasman Bridge
Tasman Bridge crosses the Derwent River joining Hobart to its eastern suburbs. It was built in the early 1960’s and reflects design concepts of the time. It is articulated so that the main viaducts are restrained by the abutments, with very slender…
Comparative Study of Grillage Analogy and Finite Element Method for Bridge Heavy Load Assessment
Grillage analogy is a popular method for analyzing various types of highway bridges in design offices. For load assessment of existing bridges in Australia, mainly beam line model and grillage analogy are employed to evaluate the structural…
The New AS 5100.8
  • ABC2017-073-17
  • 21 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
The new AS 5100.8 Rehabilitation and Strengthening sets out minimum requirements for the repair, extension of service life, strengthening, change of function (such as a road bridge to a pedestrian/cyclist bridge) and widening to existing bridge…
Trough-to-Deck Weld in Steel Orthotropic Deck of West Gate Bridge
As with other similar bridges throughout the world, the steel box girder spans of Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge have, in recent years, exhibited an increasing incidence of fatigue cracking.
Comparison of Australian Light Rail and Heavy Vehicle Loads on Bridges
This paper reports an independent study on the effects of Melbourne trams and Sydney light rail, and the heavy vehicle configurations defined in the draft AS5100.7 code on short to medium span bridges.
Structural and Risk Assessment of Steel and Concrete Bridges using Inservice Dynamic Response
Mainmark are introducing the STRAAM system of full scale structural integrity assessment and continuous monitoring for Bridges into Australia and New Zealand. Advances in measuring extremely low amplitude vibrations combined with methods for…
Assessment Methods for Timber Bridges with Round Girders and Corbels
Australia still has thousands of timber bridges in service which were designed and constructed long ago to carry lighter loads than they now carry. The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads manages in excess of 300 timber bridges, of…
Ambitions, Durability Risks and Asset Protection: Literature Review and Learning from Relevant Cases of Existing Bridge Structures
All reinforced concrete structures deteriorate over time. Corrosion of reinforcement is a major challenge to the durability of concrete structures. Corrosion in certain environments, such as marine, can compromise the durability of concrete and…
Next Generation Flexible Joint Material for Demanding Bridges
Expansions joints can be defined as a component of a bridge providing a continuous surface across the expansion gap for all classes of road users whilst accommodating all ranges of movements. Typically expansion joints are installed between adjacent…
Managing Deteriorated and Vital Assets on the Auckland Motorway Network
In 2008 the Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA) was established to maintain and manage the 220km of motorway network that surrounds Auckland city. This equates to over 1100 structural assets incorporating tunnels, bridges & viaducts, culverts and…