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Design and Constructability Challenges of Strengthening Existing Bridges
The exponential rise of the population and freight load in Victoria have led to a strong need for the upgrade of existing infrastructure to accommodate the increase in demand and loads of high productivity heavy vehicles. In many instances,…
CityLink Tulla Widening: Widening of Existing CityLink Southbound Ramp to Power Street and Burnley Tunnel
The $1.28 billion CityLink Tulla Widening project involves widening of a 24km section of three major Melbourne freeways from Melbourne Airport to Power Street including the western section of the CityLink tollway, Tullamarine and Westgate Freeways.…
The Kirkbride Road Interchange
  • ABC2017-155-17
  • 26 Apr 2017
  • Bridges
Kirkbride Road is a busy urban road crossing State Highway 20A, the main route between Auckland City and Auckland International Airport. The existing crossing is a signalised at-grade intersection which contributes to local congestion and has a high…
English Street Bridge over Tullamarine Freeway: Design of an Integral Steel Trough Girder Bridge
This paper outlines the design of the replacement of the English Street Bridge over Tullamarine Freeway.
Design Guidelines for Post-Installed and Cast-In Anchors in Australia for Safety-Critical Applications
Post-installed and cast-in anchors are commonly used in safety-critical applications in buildings and large infrastructure projects. This paper discusses the new Standards Australia Technical Specification TS 101:2015 which is the first Australian…
Comparison of Australian Light Rail and Heavy Vehicle Loads on Bridges
This paper reports an independent study on the effects of Melbourne trams and Sydney light rail, and the heavy vehicle configurations defined in the draft AS5100.7 code on short to medium span bridges.
Development of a New Concrete Girder for Road Bridges
The paper describes the development, design and construction aspects of a completely new precast, prestressed concrete girder for road bridges.
Design and Documentation of the Twin Bridges over the Molonglo River on the Majura Parkway Project
The limits of the incremental launching technique were recently tested on the Majura Parkway project in the ACT.
Innovative Bridge Raising for Flood Immunity
This article describes the innovative raising of an existing 201 m long, six span bridge by 2.3 m for flood immunity.
Reinforced Concrete for the Construction Stage of an Incrementally Launched Bridge
This article discusses the 375m long incrementally launched bridges over the Usuthu River using reinforced concrete, with no pre-stressing, to carry the construction stage loads.