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Development of a Binder Test to Rank the Low Temperature Cracking Resistance of Polymer Modified Binders

The current Australian polymer modified binder (PMB) specification includes low temperature stiffness tests but does not include a binder test which ranks the resistance of PMBs to low temperature cracking on the road. This study investigated…

Analysing Dynamic Wheel Loading and its Effects on the Network

This interim report is the third and final deliverable in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 project years for Austroads project AT1733, Analysing Dynamic Wheel Loading and its Effects on the Network. The purpose of the project is to quantify the impacts of…

Development of a Durability Test Method for Sprayed Sealing Binders: A Field Validation Study

This report presents the results of a field validation study that was conducted as part of the development of a new long-term ageing (durability) test for bituminous binders used in sprayed seals in Australia.

The field validation study of the new…

Improved Design Procedures for Asphalt Pavements: Outcomes for Year 2 of 3

The report covers a variety of topics related to improving the design procedures for asphalt pavements in Australia. Literature reviews of perpetual pavement design concepts and the relationship between flexural and compressive modulus were…

The Influence of Multiple Axle Group Loads on Flexible Pavement Design
The current Austroads approach to assess the relative damaging effects of different axle groups on road pavements is by comparison of the peak static pavement deflection response under the axle groups. The assumption that deflection is the most…
Towards Incorporating Heavy Vehicles into Sprayed Seal Design: Stage 2

Traffic loadings on Australia’s extensive sprayed seal network have increased, particularly with freight efficiency resulting in longer and heavier loads being transported by prime movers.

This report details the development of a model to describe…

Sprayed Sealing - Initial Treatment of Stabilised Pavements
This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to the use of priming and primersealing as initial treatments on stabilised pavements.
Transport and Handling of Polymer Modified Binders
This Pavement Work Tip outlines the key requirements for transporting and handling Polymer Modified Binders (PMBs). It is a summary of procedures described in greater detail in AAPA guidelines.
Austroads LTPP/LTPPM Study - Summary Report 2013-14

This report summarises the activities undertaken during the 2013–14 year for the long term pavement performance (LTPP) monitoring project.

Austroads project AT1064 Long-Term Performance Monitoring to Develop Consistent Performance Models has…

Effect of Moisture Content and Laboratory Preparation Conditions on the Permanent Deformation of Unbound Granular Materials

This report documents research to validate the wheel-tracking approach as a complementary means of evaluating the rutting performance of granular bases. Firstly, the influence of the moisture content on the laboratory wheel-tracking performances is…