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Distraction and Attitudes Towards Safe Pedestrian Behaviour
Pedestrians account for around 14% of Australian road deaths annually. International research suggests that pedestrian distraction from smart phones may lead to greater risk of trauma. Ownership of smart phones in Australia is high, suggesting this…
Safe System Assessment Framework
This report proposes an assessment framework designed to help road agencies methodically consider Safe System objectives in road infrastructure projects.
Public Demand for Safer Speeds: Identification of Interventions for Trial
Speeding is a major contributor to road injuries and fatalities and remains prevalent. Changing community perceptions about speeding is an important priority.
Improving the Performance of Safe System Infrastructure: Final Report
This report summarises the findings of a three-year study which reviewed the safety performance of selected road infrastructure elements and provided solutions that were more closely aligned with the Safe System ideal.
Safety Management Systems for Road Agencies ISO 39001 and the Next Step Towards a Safe Road Transport System
This report promotes a systematic approach to road traffic safety within road agencies using ISO 39001 as the template.
Advanced Systems for Managing Heavy Vehicle Speed on Steep Descents
Austroads technical research project ST1863, examined whether a technical solution is available that can identify heavy vehicles, their speed and configuration, and provide appropriate early warning of unsafe operation on descents. The project was…
Motorcycle In-depth Crash Study
Motorcyclists represent an increasing proportion of road crash casualties in NSW and Australia. This study aimed to examine the:
Options to Extend Coverage of Alcohol Interlock Programs
Despite high levels of community education and sustained enforcement, alcohol-related crashes and drink-driving offences continue to pose a threat to road safety.
Road Crash Injuries: Cost and Prevention
This in-depth crash investigation study was conducted to provide information about the causes and costs of a sample of serious (hospitalised) injury crashes in NSW.
Safe System in the Planning Process
The Safe System concept has the objective of eliminating deaths and serious injuries, with the guiding principle that everyone, including planners, share responsibility for creating a safe road system. Good planning and design sets the foundation…