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Assessing Fitness to Drive 2016 (as amended up to August 2017)
Assessing Fitness to Drive, a joint publication of Austroads and the National Transport Commission (NTC), details the medical standards for driver licensing for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities. The primary purpose of…
Austroads Learning to Drive
The Austroads Learning to Drive handbook is part of a toolkit designed to improve driver licensing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in remote communities.
Options for Rehabilitation in Interlock Programs
This report examines the effectiveness of national and international programs that treat and rehabilitate drivers with alcohol dependence and the criteria used to approve the removal of interlocks.
Summary of Literature of the Effective Components of Graduated Driver Licensing Systems
This report provides the results of a review of literature examining the effectiveness of different components of graduated driver licensing (GDL).
A Discussion Paper on Elements of Graduated Licensing Systems for Motorcycle Riders
This report summarises an international review of effective motorcycle rider licensing systems and interventions. It details elements of best practice for motorcycle graduated licensing based on novice motorcycle risk patterns and practice from…
Developing Measures to Reduce Unlicensed Driving
This report considers countermeasures to reduce the incidence of unlicensed driving on Australian roads.
Cooperative ITS Strategic Plan
Cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) is an emerging platform that can be applied to motor vehicles and roadside infrastructure to enable direct two-way communication between them. Because C-ITS enables connectivity between road users…
C-ITS 5.9 GHz Spectrum Management and Device Licensing Regime Report
The Cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) platform is being designed to make a substantial contribution to moving people and goods safely and efficiently. This will be achieved by connecting road users in their vehicles to their road…
Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Statutory Write-Offs
This guide has been developed by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) and Austroads to support the consistent application of new, more stringent assessment criteria for the classification of written-off vehicles (WOVs). The…
Classification of Motorcycles as a Distinct Vehicle Class
Austroads project Classification of motorcycles as a distinct vehicle class aims to test whether motorcycles can be identified as a separate class of vehicle based on distance between axles. Motorcycles are currently classified as light vehicles…