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Road Speed and Distance Calibration
This test method sets out the procedure for determining the accuracy of road speed indicators used on bitumen sprayers. The road speed of the bitumen sprayer is used in conjunction with the pump volumetric output to enable bituminous materials to be…
Webinar: Guidelines and Specifications for Microsurfacing
This webinar, presented on 14 June 2018, provides an overview of the updated Austroads microsurfacing guidelines and model specification. It covers: major changes to the microsurfacing guidelines and specifications related test methods materials and…
Guidelines and Specifications for Microsurfacing
Guidelines and Specification for Microsurfacing provides guidelines for the use of microsurfacing treatments in Australia. Microsurfacing is presently the only type of bituminous slurry surfacing applied in Australia. The document was produced by…
Sampling of Bituminous Slurry
This protocol specifies the method for sampling bituminous slurry mixture from the slurry paving unit at the paving site.
Determination of Abrasion Loss of Bituminous Slurry (Wet Track Abrasion Test)
This test method sets out the procedure to evaluate the wearing resistance of bituminous slurry surfacing materials under wet abrasion conditions.
Determination of Excess Binder in Bituminous Slurry (Loaded Wheel Test)
This test method sets out the procedure to evaluate bituminous slurry materials for their propensity for binder flushing after subjecting to loaded wheel tracking cycles.
Determination of Set and Cure for Bituminous Slurry (Cohesion Test)
This test method sets out the method for the determination of the setting and curing characteristics of a bituminous slurry as a function of the cohesive strength developed in the mixture with time.
Determination of Optimum Amount of Added Water for Bituminous Slurry (Consistency Test)
This test method sets out the procedure to determine the consistency of a bituminous slurry that is then used to optimise the amount of water required to form a workable mixture. This test may not be applicable to certain microsurfacing mixtures due…
Long-term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Project: Future Directions
This report presents the proposed future directions for long-term pavement performance (LTPP) studies in Australasia. The proposed way forward is based on the results of a 2017 survey directed to the LTPP Project Steering Group (PSG) and Assets Task…
Effectiveness of Maintenance Activities on Pavement Conditions
The aim of this project was to clarify the effectiveness of pavement maintenance (preservation) activities, in the form of periodic maintenance and rehabilitation, on pavement condition and distress (roughness, rutting and cracking) deterioration…