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Congestion and Reliability Review: Summary

This summary provides an overview of the Congestion and Reliability Reviewwhich measures levels and identifies key causes of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

The Review proposes an approach to identifying and assessing…

Webinar: Not All Roads Are Created Equal
This 40-minutes presentation on New Zealand's Speed Management Guide is by Glenn Bunting and Diane Gamble from the NZ Transport Agency.
Congestion and Reliability Review: Full Report

The Congestion and Reliability Reviewmeasures the levels of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand and identifies the key causes of congestion.

The report proposes an approach to identifying and assessing congestion interventions…

National Strategic Weigh-in-motion Network
This report provides a methodology to establish an Australian (and potentially a New Zealand) weigh?in?motion (WIM) network.
Development of the Accessibility-Based Network Operations Planning Framework
This report extends the Austroads network operation planning framework to address transport accessibility issues.
Level of Service Metrics (for Network Operations Planning)
This report documents a level of service (LOS) framework for network operations from the perspectives of different road users.
Operational Management of Arterial/Managed Motorway Interfaces for Network Optimisation
Signalised interchanges and ramp metering are major components of the interface between the arterial road system and the motorway system. The control systems of motorways and arterials are often treated as separate control components, which can…
The application of Network Operations Planning Framework to assist with Congestion Management and integrated land use and transport
The Austroads Network Operation Planning Framework (the Framework) was developed in 2009 however it is not widely used by road agencies. This research aimed to understand each road agency’s approach and consider how the Framework could be improved…
Upstream and Downstream Detection to Improve Congested Network Operation
Congestion in Australian cities has continued to get worse with significant increases in population and new car registrations. About a million new motor vehicles per year were registered in Australia in the years 2005-2007 before the global…
Balancing Traffic Density in a Signalised Network
The current practice of balancing traffic density or distributing traffic evenly in a road network is essentially subjective and is achieved manually through expert opinions. This report summarises these expert opinions and investigates whether…