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Asphalt Fatigue Damage Healing and Endurance Limits: Guide Implementation Options

Overseas research has suggested that asphalt fatigue endurance limit may exist, where applied strain is sufficiently low no fatigue damage accumulates in the asphalt as the rate of asphalt healing exceeds the rate of damage accumulation. The…

Specification and Use of Geopolymer Concrete in the Manufacture of Structural and Non-structural Components: Review of Literature

This report reviews published information on the formulation, manufacture and properties of geopolymer binders and concretes, to inform the manufacture of geopolymer concrete components for structural and non-structural bridge components and other…

Congestion and Reliability Review: Summary

This summary provides an overview of the Congestion and Reliability Reviewwhich measures levels and identifies key causes of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

The Review proposes an approach to identifying and assessing…

Webinar: Not All Roads Are Created Equal
This 40-minutes presentation on New Zealand's Speed Management Guide is by Glenn Bunting and Diane Gamble from the NZ Transport Agency.
Congestion and Reliability Review: Full Report

The Congestion and Reliability Reviewmeasures the levels of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand and identifies the key causes of congestion.

The report proposes an approach to identifying and assessing congestion interventions…

Guide to Smart Motorways
This Guide provides practitioners with a definite, standardised set of smart motorway information within a single reference document to support the delivery of safe and efficient smart motorways. It primarily comprises guidance on the selection,…
Reliability-centred Maintenance Strategy and Framework for Management of Intelligent Transport System Assets
This report provides a reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) strategy and framework to manage intelligent transport system (ITS) assets.
National Strategic Weigh-in-motion Network
This report provides a methodology to establish an Australian (and potentially a New Zealand) weigh?in?motion (WIM) network.
Webinar: Older Road Users - Emerging Trends
This one-hour webinar provides an overview of the emerging trends in crash involvement among older road users, aged 75 years and over. It is presented by Dr Matthew Baldock, Deputy Director of the Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the…
Realising 100-year Bridge Design Life in an Aggressive Environment: Review of the Literature

This report details a literature review on durability issues that affect the service life of reinforced concrete structures.

The review focused on information from sources within Australia and overseas, including published literature, standards,…