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Austroads Strategic Plan 2016-2020
Austroads has released its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan which repositions the peak organisation of Australian and New Zealand road transport agencies for a strong, relevant and sustainable future.
Guide to Road Design Part 4B: Roundabouts
The Guide to Road Design Part 4B: Roundabouts provides road designers and other practitioners with guidance on the geometric design of roundabouts. It covers design principles and procedures, and guidelines for all the key elements, thus enabling…
Review of Motorway Entrance Ramp Acceleration Lengths
This report investigates whether the ramp acceleration lengths provided in the Austroads Guides are valid for modern Australian vehicles.
Guide to Road Design Part 4C: Interchanges
Guide to Road Design Part 4C: Interchanges provides guidance on the geometric design of interchanges on freeways/motorways and on major arterial roads. The Guide covers the design of interchanges between: freeways and arterial roads; two freeways;…
Freight Axle Mass Limits Investigation Tool (FAMLIT) User Guide
This hands-on user guide for the Freight Axle Mass Limits Investigation Tool (FAMLIT) describes its data inputs, data outputs and performance models.
Deploy and Refine the Road Wear Modelling Methodologies: FAMLIT Final Report

This report is the final technical document for the Deploy and refine the road wear modelling method(AT1734) project to provide an overview of the process of calculating the marginal cost of road pavement wear and the Freight Axle Mass Limits…

Development of the Accessibility-Based Network Operations Planning Framework
This report extends the Austroads network operation planning framework to address transport accessibility issues.
Improving the Performance of Safe System Infrastructure: Final Report
This report summarises the findings of a three-year study which reviewed the safety performance of selected road infrastructure elements and provided solutions that were more closely aligned with the Safe System ideal.
Safety Management Systems for Road Agencies ISO 39001 and the Next Step Towards a Safe Road Transport System
This report promotes a systematic approach to road traffic safety within road agencies using ISO 39001 as the template.
Design and Performance of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements: Progress Report 3

There is a need to improve the Austroads procedures for mix design and structural design of foamed bitumen stabilised materials. This progress report summarises the mix design test methods drafted to date and those planned for 2015–16 within the…