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Updating Environmental Externalities Unit Values
This report provides updated unit costs and price indices used to estimate environmental costs in the economic evaluation of Australian road infrastructure and transport projects.
Guidelines for Planning and Assessment of Road Freight Access in Industrial Areas
These guidelines have been developed to help councils plan and assess road freight access to industrial areas, including ensuring that infrastructure provided by developers is adequate to meet access needs for many years.
Practical Application of an Alternative Roughness Profile Validation Technique (Prem Method)

The main objective of this study was to assess the profiler gain validation technique as an alternative method for validating laser profilers that measure road roughness. The study sought to identify a suitable reference profiler against which other…

Low Cost Interventions to Encourage Cycling: Selected Case Studies

This report contains 15 case studies showcasing low cost interventions that have successfully encouraged cycling in Australia and New Zealand.

Engineers and behaviour change specialists are implementing a range of innovative low-cost infrastructure…

Cycling Infrastructure: Selected Case Studies

This report contains 29 case studies showcasing innovative Australian and New Zealand urban and regional bicycle infrastructure.

The design of the built environment to support active transport is an emerging discipline. Urban planners, designers as…

High Modulus High Fatigue Resistance Asphalt (EME2) Technology Transfer

This report details the first year of a three-year Austroads project to transfer French Enrobés à Module Élevé Class 2 (EME2) technology to Australia. EME2 technology offers the prospect of reduced asphalt thicknesses for heavy duty pavements, and…

National ITS Architecture: ITS Business Architecture
A key initial step in the development of the National ITS Architecture for Australia is to build the conceptual ITS Business Architecture platform on which subsequent and more detailed architectural models can be built.
National ITS Architecture: Context and Vision
The proposed Australian National ITS Architecture is intended to allow transport agencies and ITS–related organisations describe and develop ITS solutions using a consistent terminology and content.
Austroads Annual Report 2013-14
Each year Austroads produces an annual report which details its work program, operations and financial management.
New Prequalification Categories Proposed: Steel Fabrication and Pre-cast Concrete Products
In late 2014 Austroads sought feedback on a proposal to add two new specialist categories to Australia’s National Prequalification System.