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Improving the Performance of Safe System Infrastructure: Stage 1 Interim Report

This report summarises the findings from the first year of a three-year study which reviews the safety performance of road infrastructure elements identified as Safe System solutions. The first stage sought to identify these solutions and to…

Developing Measures to Reduce Unlicensed Driving
This report considers countermeasures to reduce the incidence of unlicensed driving on Australian roads.
Safe System Demonstration Project Involving an Indigenous Community: Implementation
This document reports on the implementation phase of the Indigenous Safe System Demonstration Project in Bidyadanga, Western Australia. In this phase a funding strategy was developed for the implementation plan which was prepared in the second half…
Driver Attitudes to Speed Enforcement
The research undertaken for this project comprised: an audit of existing speed enforcement strategies in all Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions; a review of research into attitudes towards speeding and speed enforcement in Australian and New…
The Impact of Changes in the Australian Light Vehicle Fleet on Crashworthiness and Crash Outcomes
This report examines literature, Australian crash data and Australian vehicle registration data to re-examine the role of vehicle mass and vehicle type in determining crash outcomes. It is hoped that the findings will contribute to discussions about…
Improving the Safety of Heavy Vehicles in Urban Areas: A Crash Analysis and Review of Potential Infrastructure and ITS Countermeasures
Heavy vehicle freight transport in Australia is expected to double by 2020, as compared to 2000 levels. In New Zealand, similar growth in heavy vehicle transport is anticipated. The greatest impact from this growth will occur around urban areas…
Guide to Road Safety Part 1: Road Safety Overview
This guide has been developed to assist intersection designers and contains:
Guide to Road Safety Part 2: Road Safety Strategy and Evaluation
Part 2 of the Austroads Guide to Road Safety is intended as a guide to the process of strategy development and evaluation. It outlines options for strategy development and the value of a ‘vision’ in driving strategy development. Strategies are of…
Impact of Roadside Advertising on Road Safety
This research project aimed to harmonise the criteria road agencies use to manage roadside advertising devices, and promote improved and consistent good practice by road agencies.