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High Pressure Water Retexturing
This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to retexturing bituminous surfaces by using high pressure water to remove excess bitumen.
Model Licence Re-Assessment Procedure for Older Drivers: Stage 2 Research
Stage 1 research for Austroads lead to the development of a model licence re-assessment procedure for use in licensing authorities in Australasia. Stage 2 research set out to undertake a pilot trial of the procedure in an Australian jurisdiction and…
Preventing Crashes Involving Intoxicated Pedestrians Stage 1 Report:The extent and Nature of the Problem Stage 2: An Analysis of Australian Coronial Records, 1999-2001
A literature review carried out as an earlier stage of this project concluded that there is a dearth of information regarding the basic circumstances of alcohol-affected pedestrian crashes. The present study reports a detailed analysis of crashes…
Coring of Asphalt Pavements
This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to equipment, site selection, safety and procedures for coring of asphalt pavements.
Nuclear Density Testing of Asphalt Pavements
This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to the use of nuclear gauges to determine the density of asphalt pavements.
Intelligent Access Program: Operational Guidelines: Overview
The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is a voluntary program that remotely monitors heavy vehicles using telematics
Environmental Management Tools for Road Maintenance Contracts
The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist road agencies and their contractors in developing a systems approach in the management of environmental issues. The guidelines are structured in four parts to allow the reader to readily access…
Guidelines for Bridge Management: Structure Information
This document is the combined output of two projects commissioned by Austroads to support improved consistency in Australia and New Zealand in inventory and condition data for road bridges, by developing a minimum set of inventory items, condition…
Automatic Crash Notification Devices
It is almost 10 years since ACN systems started to appear in vehicles in the United States and Japan. Studies of established and pilot systems have shown the benefits that can be derived from their use. However, the uptake of such systems has been…
Review of Air Quality Models for Roads
The Austroads project T+E.E.531 was undertaken to determine to the state of the art in regional and local air quality modelling within Australia as applied to road transport projects and to provide recommendations for the way forward to address…