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Economic Evaluation of Road Investment Proposals: Valuation of Benefits of Roadside ITS Initiatives
This report is a guide to the approach and parameters for valuing road user benefits for use in economic evaluations of roadside Intelligent transport systems (ITS). It complements the Austroads Benefit Cost Analysis Manual. The objectives of the…
Economic Evaluation of Road Investment Proposals: Unit Values for Road User Costs at September 2000
This document contains estimates of road user unit costs in Australia at 30 September 2000. The 30 September date of compilation for this document differs from the date for corresponding previously published estimates (which was 30 June), and…
Dynamic Interaction of Vehicles and Bridges
This report provides a summary of dynamic testing carried out on approximately 80 bridges in Australia and New Zealand. It compares the results of these tests with the current Dynamic Load Allowance (DLA) provisions in the Australian Bridge Design…
Comparison of Project Level and Network Level Pavement Strength Assessment
This report is the final output of the Austroads project T+E.P.N.528 - `Development of Pavement Structural Condition Parameters for Estimation of Remaining Life`. Currently in Australasia different parameters are used to represent pavement strength…
Control of Moisture in Pavements During Construction
Controlling the moisture content of pavements during construction reduces the risk of damage to the pavement. This technical note provides advice related to specifying, constructing and testing pavements.
Dry Powdered Polymer Stabilising Binder
This note provides guidance for evaluation the suitability of dry powdered polymer as a stabilisaing binder and outlines application and construction methods.
Sprayed Seals: Pre-spraying to Correct Surface Texture
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to pre-spraying road surfaces to compensate for variations in surface texture and binder application rates.
Sprayed Seals: Spreader Calibration and Aggregate Application Rates
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to sprayer calibration and aggregate application for sprayed seals.
Development of Performance Contracts and Specifications: Summary Report
This paper describes a study undertaken for Austroads into the growing use by road authorities of "performance" as opposed to "prescriptive" forms of contracts and specifications, and attempts to quantify the expected benefits from this approach and…
Development of Performance Contracts and Specifications: Full Report
This report has been prepared as part of Austroads project NT & E 9904 (T & EP N006), “The Development of Performance Contracts and Specifications”, the goal of which is to develop a framework for performance contracts and specifications. The report…