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Asphalt Paving Speed
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to the calculation of paver forward speed for smooth continuous paving and matching roller capacity to ensure effective compaction.
Asphalt Shape Correction
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to improving pavement ride quality through asphalt shape correction and regulation.
Sprayed Seals: Removal of Loose Aggregate
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to the removal of surplus aggregate from sprayed seals using brooming or suction cleaning.
Sprayed Seals: Determining Sprayer Forward Speed
This Pavement Work Tip is a guide to the calculation of sprayer forward speed for correct binder application rates in sprayed seals.
Asphalt Handwork
This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to good practice in hand finishing in conjunction with paver spreading of asphalt
Economic Evaluation of Road Investment Proposals: Improved Prediction Models for Road Crash Savings
This document contains two reports which describe the development of improved models for predicting the effect of proposals for investment in road infrastructure on the numbers, severity and costs of road crashes in Australia. The two reports cover…
Mutual Recognition of Bus Drivers and Operators
All States and Territories have developed, or are in the process of developing, accreditation systems for operators and drivers of buses, coaches and other passenger systems. This report, Mutual Recognition of Bus Drivers and Operators, arises from…
Environmental Risk Management Guidelines and Tools for Road Projects
This guide introduces the concept of risk based environmental management and describes the best practice process of environmental risk management. It provides guidelines on undertaking an environmental risk management process for road projects. For…
Road Runoff & Drainage: Environmental Impacts and Management
This manual explores the impact of road runoff and drainage on aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity. Road Runoff and Drainage aims to assist road infrastructure planners, designers, environmental officers and project managers in achieving…
Cotton Industry: Freight Logistics Case Study
Queensland Transport, on behalf of Austroads, commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers in association with Macarthur Agribusiness and Hughes Consulting Services to conduct a study of the transport / logistics chain for cotton industry inputs and outputs,…