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Seat Belts for Truck Drivers
The study addresses why seat belt wearing rates remain low among truck drivers, despite revisions to design rules aimed at making truck seat belts more comfortable. These changes allow for anchorage of the seat belt to the seat and reduced retractor…
Reinstatement of Road Openings
This Pavement Work Tip provides general guidelines for the effective reinstatement of openings made in road pavements.
Ultra Thin Asphalt Surfacing
This technical note provides guidance on the use of ultra thin asphalt surfacings which are typically placed with a minimum thickness of around 12-15 mm, or about half the thickness of similar sized conventional asphalt wearing course mixes.
The Use of Recycled Crumb Rubber in Asphalt
This technical note reports on tests relating to the use of recycled crumb rubber in asphalt.
Insitu Stabilisation of Marginal Materials
This technical note reports on the construction and testing of a test pavement using marginal materials.
Investigation of Learner Driver Experience Under Three Driver Licensing Systems in Australia
In the absence of demonstrably effective and cost-efficient training methods, actual driving experience on the road network remains the most practical and available method of improving skills for the great majority of novice drivers. Of course,…
Accessible Transport on Low Traffic Bus Routes
The Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 is legislation enacted to prevent discrimination on the grounds of a person's disability. The accessible public transport standards (DDA standards) were developed through a consultative process…
Moving Beyond Road Building: Embracing the Eclectic Future of Transportation with an Inclusive (Multi-disciplinary) Approach to Transport Business
This essay provides a synopsis of Transport SA's move beyond a predominance of road building to an inclusive (multi-disciplinary) approach to the changing and eclectic future of Transport Business. The authors view "Infrastructure" at an…
The Implications of Intelligent transport systems for Road Safety
Despite rapid advances in ITS in recent years, it is unclear to what extent ITS is meeting community objectives such as reducing road casualties. The purpose of the present paper was to assess the possible safety impacts of ITS in Australia, with…
Implications for the Road Transport Sector of Potential Tax Reform
The Government's plans for modernisation of the taxation system within Australia have fuelled public debate on the need and shape of this reform. A broad based consumption tax, a GST (Goods and Services Tax) has been proposed. The Government's tax…