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Australia and New Zealand Vehicle Registration and Driver Licensing Overview 2017-18: A Transnational Survey of Laws, Procedures and Trends
This overview includes: an outline of the road safety imperative in Australia and New Zealand; a description of the key practices associated with the vehicle and driver licence pathways in the eight Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand; and a…
Better Management of End-of-Life Vehicles
This report sets out a rationale for modifying the national vehicle registration framework to enable better end-of-life management of vehicles.
Assessment of Key Road Operator Actions to Support Automated Vehicles
Australian and New Zealand road agencies and operators are preparing for the introduction of Automated Vehicles (AVs). This report investigates the potential changes needed to the way road networks are managed to consistently support and optimise…
Registration, Licensing and CTP Insurance Issues Associated with Automated Vehicles
This report considers the potential impacts on vehicle registration, driver licensing and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance arrangements that might arise from the introduction of automated vehicles (AVs) in Australia and New Zealand.
Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Statutory Write-Offs
This guide has been developed by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) and Austroads to support the consistent application of new, more stringent assessment criteria for the classification of written-off vehicles (WOVs). The…
Operational Impacts of Alternative Private Passenger Vehicles
The motor car currently dominates personal travel. However its position is being challenged by concerns over congestion, fuel availability and price, local air quality and global atmospheric impacts. While public transport will be called on to play…
Special Purpose Vehicles
The Special Purpose Vehicles report proposes a framework for assessing registration conditions for large special purpose vehicles with rubber tyres that wish to travel on public roads, eg plant and cranes. The framework aims to manage the risk…