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Webinar: Dangerous Goods in Tunnels
This webinar, presented on 12 September 2019, provides an overview of an Austroads project that examined the passage of dangerous good through Australasian road tunnels, and continuing studies on this topic.
Dangerous Goods in Tunnels: Application and Methodology
This report provides a standardised assessment method to mitigate the criticism of the transport of dangerous goods through road tunnels and provide greater transparency of the decisions reached. The transport of dangerous goods is critical to…
Dangerous Goods in Tunnels: Literature Review
This report documents the results of an extensive literature review examining the transport of dangerous goods in road tunnels. It includes international and local studies and methodologies, trial reports, and media. The transport of dangerous goods…
Fire Incident and Fire Safety Operational Data for Major Australian Road Tunnels
This report sets out the process though which fire incident and fire safety operational information was collected for eleven major road tunnels in Australia. This tunnel data set are the major tunnels in Australia as defined by physical…
Webinar: Suggested Good Practice for Road Tunnel Emergency Egress Signage
This webinar, presented on 9 November 2018, provides an overview of an Austroads study to develop suggested good practice for a consistent, efficient and safe approach to emergency egress signage within Australasian road tunnels.
Suggested Good Practice for Road Tunnel Emergency Egress Signage
This report provides guidance on consistent, efficient and safe design of emergency egress signage and operations in road tunnels. While there are Australian Standards relating to emergency egress signage, these were not originally intended for use…
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 1: Introduction to Road Tunnels
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 1 outlines the structure of the Guide to Road Tunnels, while also introducing road tunnel planning. Part 1 describes key issues and considerations related to the implementation process, road tunnels in the context of a…
Measures to Reduce Crashes Adjacent to and within Tunnels
This report identifies factors that contribute to the occurrence and severity of crashes adjacent to and within tunnels and suggests remedial treatments that will reduce the incidence and severity of these crashes.