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Guide to Traffic Management Part 9: Traffic Operations
Guide to Traffic Management Part 9: Traffic Operations is concerned with the day-to-day operations that support the provision of road services to road network users. It introduces the concept of traffic operations as underpinning road user services,…
Current Practice and Developments in Concept of Operations across Road Agencies in Australia and New Zealand
Though network operations planning is growing, there is a perceived disconnect between those who work at the strategic end of the process and those involved in the tactical or operational day-to-day end.
Webinar: Techniques for Incident Management to Support Network Operations Planning
This webinar, presented on 29 August 2017, provides an overview of contemporary local and international incident management practices and a harmonised traffic incident management (TIM) framework that supports network operations planning. The…
Operational Management of Arterial/Managed Motorway Interfaces for Network Optimisation
Signalised interchanges and ramp metering are major components of the interface between the arterial road system and the motorway system. The control systems of motorways and arterials are often treated as separate control components, which can…
Balancing Traffic Density in a Signalised Network
The current practice of balancing traffic density or distributing traffic evenly in a road network is essentially subjective and is achieved manually through expert opinions. This report summarises these expert opinions and investigates whether…
Guidelines for Setting-up and Operation of Signalised Intersections with Red Light Cameras
The literature has produced mixed results on the effectiveness of red light cameras on crashes. Various Australian studies have shown crash reductions varying from 7% to 46%. Different studies also report different results in the crash types that…