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Webinar: Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety (2017 Edition)
This webinar, presented on 16 November 2017, provides an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Traffic Management Part 13, such as updated information on driver workload and the Safe System, and incorporation of a discussion on human factors.…
Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Safety Environment
Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Environment Safety is concerned with traffic management practice under the Safe System philosophy. The Guide emphasises the need for the road system to provide an environment which assists road users to…
Safety at Road Worksites: Stage 1 Working Papers
This report details contemporary practices to mitigate risk and improve safety at road worksites.
Review of Sign Size for Electronic Regulatory Speed Signs
This report documents research to determine if the size of electronic regulatory speed signs (ERSS), such as variable speed limit signs, could be reduced without adversely impacting efficiency of driving or safety.
Traffic Management and Infrastructure - Lessons from In-depth Crash Investigations
This report discusses infrastructure and traffic management issues identified in an examination of approximately 700 crash investigations conducted in metropolitan and rural areas of South Australia. Current traffic management and engineering…
Balance between Harm Reduction and Mobility in Setting Speed Limits: A Feasibility Study
This project has been funded by Austroads to develop, trial and evaluate a new system for setting speed limits based on harm reduction principles. This first, feasibility stage of the project has consisted of three main tasks: a literature review…