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Speed Enforcement in Australasia: Volumes 1 and 2
The main purpose of this project was to provide Australasian road safety and enforcement agencies with guidance on appropriate strategies and practices for enforcement programs aimed at speeding in both urban and rural areas, including enforcement…
Speed and Accidents: Use of In-vehicle Data Recorders
This report examines sources of information used in establishing a more robust relationship between vehicle speed and accident risk than has been available. This report documents discussions with a supplier of a commercial accident recorder and…
50 km/h Speed Limit on Local Streets: Community Opinions
This report documents a survey of opinions regarding a 50 km/h speed limit on local streets. Two sampling strategies were used, a sample of all people living in the State, and a targeted sample of people living on streets where the speed limit was…
Urban Speed Management in Australia
This report consolidates existing urban speed management practices and documentation, and considers issues of concern. The lessons learned from urban speed limit changes both in Australia and overseas are reviewed.