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Safe System Workshop Materials
In 2016 Austroads partnered with member agencies to deliver a series of 15 workshops to disseminate and explore the findings of Austroads Safety Projects: Translating Safe System Infrastructure Research and Knowledge into Practice (SS2016),…
Webinar: Road Risk Assessment, Case Studies and Engagement Guidance for Speed Management
This webinar, presented on 26 March 2019, provides an overview of Infrastructure Risk Rating - a simple road assessment methodology designed to assess road safety risk at a network level, primarily as an input to the speed limit setting process.
Infrastructure Risk Rating Manual for Australian Roads
This manual sets out the steps for undertaking an IRR assessment. It is divided into four parts: identify supporting data sources; identify homogenous road sections; code road and roadside features; and calculate IRR score and risk band.
Road Risk Assessment, Case Studies and Engagement Guidance for Speed Management
Inappropriate or excessive speed is a major road safety issue. Effective speed management is fundamental and critical to reducing speed-related road trauma. Speed limit setting is at the core of speed management. Speed limits need to be set at a…
Webinar: Not All Roads Are Created Equal
This 40-minutes presentation on New Zealand's Speed Management Guide is by Glenn Bunting and Diane Gamble from the NZ Transport Agency.
Achieving Safe System Speeds on Urban Arterial Roads: Compendium of Good Practice
This compendium presents information on speed as a contributor to urban arterial road crashes. It provides information on treatments that can be used to address speed at intersections and midblock locations.
Speed Reduction Treatments for High-speed Environments
This report examines the performance of different types of speed-reducing treatments (or combinations of treatments) in high-speed environments. The project also considered how desired speed can be aligned with a safe, anticipated operating speed…
Public Demand for Safer Speeds: Identification of Interventions for Trial
Speeding is a major contributor to road injuries and fatalities and remains prevalent. Changing community perceptions about speeding is an important priority.
Advanced Systems for Managing Heavy Vehicle Speed on Steep Descents
Austroads technical research project ST1863, examined whether a technical solution is available that can identify heavy vehicles, their speed and configuration, and provide appropriate early warning of unsafe operation on descents. The project was…
Review of Sign Size for Electronic Regulatory Speed Signs
This report documents research to determine if the size of electronic regulatory speed signs (ERSS), such as variable speed limit signs, could be reduced without adversely impacting efficiency of driving or safety.