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Sprayed Sealing: Selection of Initial Treatments
This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to selection and use of either prime and seal, or primerseals, as initial treatments for granular pavements.
Treatment of Flushed Seals Using Chemical Solvents
This Pavement Work Tip is a practical guide for restoring texture to bleeding or flushed surfaces by applying additional aggregate with the assistance of chemical solvents.
Asphalt and Seal Life Prediction Models based on Bitumen Hardening
This report documents the surface life prediction models that have evolved from the long term sampling of the bitumen in sprayed seals and thin asphalt surfaces. The estimation of surface life is predicated on the basis of the mechanism of bitumen…
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 3: Pavement Surfacings
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 3 addresses the selection of the most appropriate pavement surfacing. The Guide identifies the significant factors that need to be considered in the selection of the most appropriate surfacing, their inter-…
Gisborne Sprayed Seal Binder Trial
A road trial was established at Gisborne on the Calder Highway. The aim of the trial was to review the performance of sprayed seals constructed from a number of binder types. Class 170 is typically used in Victoria for sprayed seals and a section…
Sprayed Sealing of Drought and Salt Affected Pavements
This Pavement Work Tip is a practical guide to sprayed sealing in areas where a pavement may be affected by drought or salt content in its construction.
Review of Surface Texture Measurement Method for Seal Design Input
This report presents an extensive literature review of pavement surface texture measurement methods with a specific interest in how they affect operator safety and delays to traffic. The literature review shows that there are a number of methods in…
Review of Foamed Bitumen Sealing in Australia
In 1993, Austroads performed an extensive trial of foamed bitumen sprayed sealing in Australia, as a part of environmental and energy effective sealing technology development program. The trials were conducted in various states and reported to be…
Seal Distress Mechanisms: An Initial Study into Flushing
A review of bleeding or flushed seals was undertaken to determine what physical changes had taken place within the seal that had resulted in the binder lying at or close to the surface. The evaluation process used a visual appraisal and a digital…
Development of HDM-4 Road Deterioration (RD) Model Calibrations for Sealed Granular and Asphalt Roads

Improved RD models for sealed granular and asphalt pavements are needed. Pavement performance history data from state road authorities and New Zealand (SRAs) were used for calibrating RD models. The calibration and refinement of RD models is…