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Improving the Performance of Safe System Infrastructure: Final Report
This report summarises the findings of a three-year study which reviewed the safety performance of selected road infrastructure elements and provided solutions that were more closely aligned with the Safe System ideal.
Improving Roadside Safety: Summary Report
This report presents road safety engineering practitioners in Australia and New Zealand with updated advice on hazard management, treatment selection and barrier placement in a Safe System context. Roadside hazards pose a major risk to the occupants…
Improving Roadside Safety: Stage 4: Interim Report
Roadside hazards pose a major risk to the occupants of vehicles which run off the road. This report presents the final stage of an Austroads project which involved investigations into the effectiveness of safety barrier placement, providing more…
Impact of Roadside Advertising on Road Safety
This research project aimed to harmonise the criteria road agencies use to manage roadside advertising devices, and promote improved and consistent good practice by road agencies.
Improving Roadside Safety - Stage 3: Interim Report
The objective of this project is to improve the safety performance of roadsides. The Stage 3 interim report of this project presents the project findings achieved during the 2010-11 financial year. Stage 3 builds on findings and recommendations of…
Improving Roadside Safety - Stage 2: Interim Report
This report provides advice to practitioners on management of roadside hazards, and the decision between provision of safety barriers and the relocation or removal of hazards that are close to the road.
Improving Roadside Safety

Roadside hazards pose a major risk to road users who lose control of their vehicles and run off the road. From 2003 to 2007, an average of 558 fatal run-off-road crashes occurred annually in Australia and 135 in New Zealand. In addition to these,…