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Guide to Project Delivery Part 2: Planning and Control
Guide to Project Delivery consists of five parts. Part 2 gives guidance to project delivery practitioners on a number of concepts relating to planning and control of the delivery phase, as opposed to the preceding initiation phase and subsequent…
Webinar: Lean Construction: Responding to the Productivity Challenge Faced by the Construction Industry
This webinar, presented on 16 May 2019, provides an overview of the Lean approach to construction project delivery.
Building and Construction Procurement Guide: Principles and Options
Austroads and the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council's (APCC) Building and Construction Procurement Guide – Principles and Options has been custom-designed for use by Australian state and territory agencies engaged in civil…
Guide to Project Delivery Part 1: Overview
The Guide to Project Delivery consists of five parts. Part 1 explains the context of project delivery in relation to the asset management functions and strategic planning process and its role and importance within the overall project management…
Environmental Considerations for Planning and Design of Roads + Reference CD ROM
This publication provides a framework for planners and designers of roads to become informed on environmental impacts and current methods to minimise them. The information is divided into three sections: this printed report is Section A, which…
Environmental Risk Management Guidelines and Tools for Road Projects
This guide introduces the concept of risk based environmental management and describes the best practice process of environmental risk management. It provides guidelines on undertaking an environmental risk management process for road projects. For…