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Implementation of National Network Performance Indicators: First Round Results
The implementation of the online National Performance Indicators (NPIs) is a process. Project team members were very supportive and most provided either raw or processed data to ARRB. Some members further investigated various means of retrieving…
National Performance Indicators for Network Operations
This report presents the definitions and calculations of five new network performance indicators. These indicators are measured on-line with the use of freeway and arterial traffic control systems. These systems provide 24-hour 7-day traffic data at…
Environmental Management Tools for Road Maintenance Contracts
The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist road agencies and their contractors in developing a systems approach in the management of environmental issues. The guidelines are structured in four parts to allow the reader to readily access…
Assessment Techniques and Tools for Rural Accessibility
Current approaches to national road network planning generally focus on links and corridors in themselves and do not allow the assessment of each link as a component of the network as a whole. This document describes a study to demonstrate the…
Benchmarking Framework
This document establishes a framework for Austroads member organisations to implement benchmarking programs to improve their effectiveness and efficiency by discovering and sharing best practices.
Interim Efficiency Measures
Austroads is giving high priority to developing a set of nationally agreed performance measures to: Facilitate comparisons between member organisations; permit improved management through national and international (world best practice benchmarking;…