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Local Road Access for High Productivity Freight Vehicles
This report examines the status of Australia's municipal Performance Based Standards (PBS) networks and the challenges of providing access to High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV) on local roads. The many challenges local road managers face when…
Modelling for High Productivity Vehicles in Metropolitan Areas
This report examines the impact of PBS 2B vehicle access on metropolitan roads.
Reassessment of the Benefits and Impacts of the Use of High Productivity Vehicles on Australian Highway Pavements
This report reassesses the benefits and impacts of using High Productivity Vehicles (HPVs) and proposes a method to consistently quantify pavement vertical loading of an individual vehicle design.
Developing Braking Standards for Heavy Vehicles to Brake Effectively and Safely on Steep Declines
This report proposes a new rule for inclusion in the Performance Based Standards scheme, adding a requirement for applicant vehicles to meet a minimum level of auxiliary braking performance. The purpose of the new rule is to ensure that PBS vehicles…
Expansion of the Performance Based Standards Route Assessment Tool (PBS RAT)
This report summarises the outcomes of an Austroads project which investigated expansion options and priorities for the Performance Based Standards Route Assessment Tool (PBS RAT). The PBS RAT is an online tool designed to help local government road…
PBS Level 3 and 4 Standards Review
This report details a review undertaken to identify potential issues that are limiting the uptake of the PBS (Performance Based Standards) Level 3 and 4 vehicles and provide recommendations for improving the standards to increase the use of safer…
Review of Axle Spacing Mass Schedules and Future Framework for Assessment of Heavy Vehicle Access Applications
A key component to improving freight productivity in Australia is to improve access to the network for heavy vehicle operators. Assessment of bridge capacity is perceived to be critical to this aim.
Performance Based Standards Level 1 Length Limit Review
This report outlines the application of a methodology developed for assessing the impact of a potential length increase for PBS Level 1 vehicles, based on the assessment criteria identified and discussed in workshops conducted in 2011. Fifty-five…
Pavement Wear Assessment Method for PBS Vehicles
The National Transport Commission (NTC) and Austroads are developing Performance Based Standards (PBS) which will augment prescriptive regulations for heavy vehicle mass, dimensions and configuration.
Capturing the Benefits of Performance Based Standards
This study has examined consequences of the introduction of performance based standards as a means of maintaining road safety and protecting road infrastructure, while offering opportunities to increase productivity and flexibility, in both vehicle…