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Standardisation of ITS Technology Asset Management Datasets
This report documents the first version of harmonised ITS asset performance and condition data specifications, which was developed via practice review, stakeholder consultation and case studies. The data specifications cover 155 ITS asset data items…
Webinar: Austroads Guide to Asset Management
This webinar, presented on 4 July 2019, provides an overview of the 2018 edition of the Austroads Guide to Asset Management.
Webinar: Measuring and Reporting the Value of Road Maintenance and Renewal Works
This webinar, presented on 27 November 2018, provides an overview of a framework to help assess the value of maintenance and renewal works, consistent with capital investments.
Measuring and Reporting the Value of Road Maintenance and Renewal Works
There is an increasing need to demonstrate the value for money for all types of expenditure as governments are facing growing budgetary pressure. While there are established economic evaluation frameworks for evaluating transport capital projects, a…
Harmonisation of Pavement Markings and National Pavement Marking Specification
This report documents a project undertaken to achieve national harmonisation through the development of national performance specification/criteria for pavement markings. The project investigated: longitudinal and transverse linemarking types and…
Design of Buried Flexible Pipes
The standard, AS/NZS 2566.1 (1998): Buried Flexible Pipes: Structural Design, provided a significant step forward when it was first introduced in that it covered competing flexible pipe products and materials, and included them all in a single…
Guide to Asset Management Technical Information Part 14: Other Assets Asset Management
Part 14 of the Guide to Asset Management addresses other assets, which are defined as assets which are integral to the performance of the road system, excluding major structures, road pavements and supporting subgrades/foundations. They include…
Guide to Asset Management Technical Information Part 15: Technical Supplements
The technical supplements presented in Part 15 of the Guide to Asset Management cover the knowledge and condition assessment of pavements, structures and other assets.
Reliability-centred Maintenance Strategy and Framework for Management of Intelligent Transport System Assets
This report provides a reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) strategy and framework to manage intelligent transport system (ITS) assets.
A Generic Framework for the Management of Road Related Assets
This report provides a generic framework for the management of road-related assets. In recent times, road agencies have made a shift from being road builders to road managers. This change has ensured that road agencies need to accept responsibility…