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Webinar: Opportunities in Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
This webinar, presented on 3 September 2019, provides an overview of the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the opportunities it presents for transport agencies in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).
Opportunities in Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
Mobility as a Service, referred to as ‘MaaS’, represents the opportunity for all available public and private transport services to be integrated and bundled into a platform directly accessible by the individual travellers through their mobile…
Case Studies of Critical Learnings in Network Operations, Congestion Management Relief Initiatives and Planned Activities
The 2016 Austroads Congestion and Reliability Review (AP-R534-16) measured the levels of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand, assessed the key causes of congestion, and proposed an approach to identifying and assessing…
Webinar: Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Road Network Operations
This webinar, presented on 16 July 2019, provides an overview of opportunities to apply artificial intelligence to road network operations.
Webinar: Current Practice and Developments in Concepts of Operations across Road Agencies in Australia and New Zealand
This webinar, presented on 21 November 2017, provides an overview of new guidelines to help network operations planning staff develop a Concept of Operations (ConOps), a best practice resource. The webinar was presented by Mark Rowland. The…
Techniques for Incident Management to Support Network Operations Planning
This report investigates current local and international incident management techniques and proposes an Australasian incident management framework that supports network operations planning.
Development of the Accessibility-Based Network Operations Planning Framework
This report extends the Austroads network operation planning framework to address transport accessibility issues.
Level of Service Metrics (for Network Operations Planning)
This report documents a level of service (LOS) framework for network operations from the perspectives of different road users.
The application of Network Operations Planning Framework to assist with Congestion Management and integrated land use and transport
The Austroads Network Operation Planning Framework (the Framework) was developed in 2009 however it is not widely used by road agencies. This research aimed to understand each road agency’s approach and consider how the Framework could be improved…
Impact of Lower Speed Limits for Road Safety on Network Operations

This project achieved the objective of consolidating the available research on the impacts of lower speed limits on network operations. It extended this knowledge to bridge an identified knowledge gap regarding urban arterial roads by modelling the…