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Webinar: Road Transport Management Framework and Principles
This webinar, presented on 26 October 2017, provides an overview of current and contemporary road transport management practices in Australasia and a harmonised framework. The webinar was presented by Dr Aut Karndacharuk and Asif Hassan. The…
Road Transport Management Framework and Principles
This report reviews international and local road transport management (RTM) practice to inform the development of a harmonised RTM framework.
Webinar: Guide to Traffic Management Part 5: Road Management (2017 Edition)
This webinar, presented on 12 September 2017, provides an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Traffic Management Part 5, such as the incorporation of concepts such as Movement and Place, Network Operation Planning, road allocation and the…
Guide to Traffic Management Part 4: Network Management
Guide to Traffic Management Part 4: Network Management provides guidance on traffic management at a network level.
Overcoming Barriers to the Off-peak Movement of Freight in Urban Areas
This report examines successful examples of off-peak freight movement around the world and identifies obstacles which are limiting the uptake of off-peak delivery in Australia.
Development of the Accessibility-Based Network Operations Planning Framework
This report extends the Austroads network operation planning framework to address transport accessibility issues.
Signal Management Techniques to Support Network Operations
This project has developed guidance on how signal management and operation should be undertaken to realise the intent of network operation planning and achieve the desired performance outcomes for road users.
Development of Product Acceptance Techniques for Road Network Devices
This report documents a harmonised Austroads product acceptance process for ITS products in the road network. The process covers six steps including determination of performance requirements based on agreed key performance indicators (KPIs),…
Operational Management of Arterial/Managed Motorway Interfaces for Network Optimisation
Signalised interchanges and ramp metering are major components of the interface between the arterial road system and the motorway system. The control systems of motorways and arterials are often treated as separate control components, which can…
The Use of Microsimulation Traffic Models for On-road Public Transport
This study looked into four on-road public transport (ORPT) priority treatments including: full bus lane (FBL), set back bus lane (SBBL), queue jump bus lane (QJBL) and no priority (NP). Microsimulation traffic modelling (MSTM) is a useful tool for…