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Flexural Beam Test Methods for Cemented Materials
This test method describes the methods for the determination of the flexural modulus, strength and fatigue characteristics of laboratory‑manufactured cemented materials using four point bending techniques.
Austroads LTPP/LTPPM Study - Summary Report 2016–17

The report provides a summary of works undertaken during the period 2016–17 for the Austroads project AT1064 – Long-term pavement performance (LTPP).

Austroads has funded the long-term pavement performance study since late 1994. The project monitors…

Validation of Revised Austroads Sprayed Seal Design Approaches: Site Inspection

This report details investigations that were conducted to verify the new Austroads sprayed seal design guidelines.

To verify the appropriateness of the proposed basic voids factor (Vf), and the initial sealing design approach (and also to validate…

Development of a Sprayed Seal Binder Cracking Test

This report describes research into development of a laboratory sprayed seal binder cracking test which can be used to measure the relative fatigue cracking resistance of thin binder films which have thicknesses comparable to the thicknesses of the…

Taking Representative Samples of Bituminous Binders
This work tip provides guidance on binder sampling to ensure that consistent and reliably representative samples are obtained so that any test results: represent, as near as practicable, an average of a consignment or batch; or detect any variation…
Improved Laboratory Characterisation of the Deformation Properties of Granular Materials

This report examines the capacity of the extra-large wheel-tracking laboratory test method to predict the in-service performance of granular materials.

Rutting is a common distress mode of unbound granular bases under thin bituminous surfacings.


High Modulus High Fatigue Resistance Asphalt (EME2) Technology Transfer: Final Report

EME2 mixes are produced using a hard paving grade bitumen applied at a high binder content (approximately 6%). Compared to conventional asphalt bases with unmodified binders, EME2 asphalt is characterised by high stiffness, high durability, superior…

Austroads LTPP/LTPPM Study - Summary Report 2015-16

This report provides a summary of activities completed during 2015–16 for the Austroads long term pavement performance monitoring project.

Austroads has funded the long-term pavement performance study since late 1994. The project monitors the…

Development of a Binder Test to Rank the Low Temperature Cracking Resistance of Polymer Modified Binders Stage 2: Hard Binders

This report describes the results obtained during the second year of work (2015–16) into the development of a binder test that can rank the low temperature cracking performance of PMBs.

Studies conducted during the first year of work (2014–15)…

Permeability of Sprayed Seals: Literature Review

This report describes a literature review on the permeability of sprayed seal surfacings. This review work was conducted to explore the permeability limits of sprayed seal surfacings, and to determine the influencing factors which allow seals to…