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Webinar: Investigating the Potential Benefits of Enhanced End to End Supply Chain Visibility
This webinar, presented on 15 August 2017, provides an overview of the tangible benefits to the Australian economy that efforts to improve supply chain visibility can bring. In March 2017 Austroads released a report quantifying the benefits of…
Webinar: Future Challenges of Changing Agricultural Equipment
This webinar addresses the road safety and infrastructure challenges posed by the operation of agricultural vehicles and equipment on public roads. It is presented by Adam Ritzinger, lead author of the 2016 Austroads report Future Challenges of…
Investigating the Potential Benefits of Enhanced End to End Supply Chain Visibility
This report examines the benefits of using end-to-end supply chain visibility technologies and considers issues relating to leadership and practical adoption of the technology.
Light Freight Vehicles and Urban Logistics
The number of light commercial vehicles in Australia has increased at a faster rate than both population and state economic growth. This report examines the contribution of light commercial vehicles and light rigid trucks to the urban supply chain.…
Cotton Industry: Freight Logistics Case Study
Queensland Transport, on behalf of Austroads, commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers in association with Macarthur Agribusiness and Hughes Consulting Services to conduct a study of the transport / logistics chain for cotton industry inputs and outputs,…
Freight Transport Chain Case Studies: Consolidated Findings
This report includes a review of recent freight transport case studies including a number involving intermodal operations, and the identification of broader trends and conclusions on freight operations that can be inferred from case studies.…