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Level of Service Requirements for Freight on Rural Roads and Refinement of Heavy Vehicle Roughness Band Index
Following on from previous work, the purpose of this project was to complete an investigation of subjective ratings of ride quality of A, B and C roads in Victoria while driving a passenger car and a range of heavy vehicles.
Guide to Asset Management Processes Part 4: Customer Needs and Expectations and Levels of Service
Part 4 of the Guide to Asset Management provides guidance to asset management planners responsible for managing consultation processes with customers, including industry stakeholders, road users and the community.
Asset management Strategy for Road-related Assets (Safety Infrastructure)
The provision and maintenance of safety infrastructure such as safety barriers and safety fences enhances roadside safety and vehicle movement and reduces the risk of road crashes and their severity. This report provides guidance for the management…
Levels of Service for Non-Freight Road Users

This report documents the results of an Austroads project to identify the asset management needs and level of service (LOS) requirements of future non-freight road users.

Preliminary work documented the relationship of this project to other Austroads…

Defining Asset Management Level of Service Requirements for Freight on Rural Arterial Roads

This report documents the outcomes of surveys of road freight drivers, operators and road infrastructure managers to better understand their asset management level of service (LOS) requirements.

The survey responses identified three primary road…

Incorporating Uncertainty in Pavement Management System (PMS) Modelling: Phase 1

This proof of concept study used the data condensation technology of stochastic information packets (SIPs) in MS Excel to allow complete storage of all collected data. This approach, when connected to a pavement management system (PMS), was able to…

Level of Service Metrics (for Network Operations Planning)
This report documents a level of service (LOS) framework for network operations from the perspectives of different road users.
Heavy Vehicle Roughness Band Index: An Alternative Trigger for Pavement Rehabilitation.
This report has developed a new index, the Heavy Vehicle Roughness Band Index (HVRBI), as a measure of ride quality for heavy vehicles. The HVRBI is intended for use by road asset managers as a trigger to initiate pavement intervention works…
Best Practice on Improving Level of Service for Freight Vehicles, On-road Public Transport, HOV and Emergency Vehicles
This report summarises the best practice for the improvement of the level of service of freight vehicles, on-road public transport, high-occupancy vehicles and emergency vehicles.
Analysis of Current Practices for Improving the Level of Service of On-Road Public Transport, HOV and Emergency Vehicles
This report describes the concept and definition of level of services (LOS) for specific road users that include on-road public transport, high occupancy vehicles (HOV) and emergency vehicles. It reviews current practices to improve their LOS and…