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Webinar: Development of National Mass Assessment Procedures for Oversize Overmass Vehicles
This webinar, presented on 12 December 2017, provides an overview of the key findings of an Austroads project on the weighing of oversized and overmass vehicle combinations using portable scales. It outlines the vehicles and weighing methods that…
Development of National Mass Assessment Procedures for Oversize Overmass Vehicles
This report describes the conduct of field trials involving repeated weighing of four different Oversize Overmass (OSOM) vehicle combinations using portable scales.
Traffic Data Collection Using a Bridge-Weigh-in-Motion System in a Cable- Stayed Bridge
Reliable live traffic data collection is crucial for effective pavement life prediction, fatigue estimation, vibration control, maintenance, and condition assessment of the bridge structures. Bridge weigh-in-motion (BWIM) is a technology utilising a…
How is your Bridge Behaving? Advanced Monitoring of New Zealand’s Longest Bridges
At 1.76km long, the Rakaia River Bridge is the longest bridge in New Zealand. When combined with the Rangitata River Bridges (identical structural form), these structures comprise 223 spans and over 2.7km of reinforced concrete bridge on State…
National Strategic Weigh-in-motion Network
This report provides a methodology to establish an Australian (and potentially a New Zealand) weigh?in?motion (WIM) network.
Heavy Vehicle Compliance with Speed and Mass Limits: Evidence from Weigh-in-Motion Devices
This project has involved the collection into a single database of all available WIM data and the interrogation of that database to provide information on speed and mass compliance by two selected vehicle types Results of this work must be treated…
Weigh-in-Motion Technology
A Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) system is defined as a device that measures the dynamic axle weight of a moving vehicle to estimate the corresponding static axle mass. This report documents the status of WIM technology, focusing on Australia's situation.…
Review of Axle Spacing /Mass Schedule for General Access and Restricted Access Vehicles
The Review of Axle Spacing/Mass Schedules report covers vehicles conforming to RoRVL Option C axle mass limits in the General Access and Restricted Access classifications proposed by Austroads. The report`s considerations and recommendations only…