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Guideline for Freight Routes in Urban and Rural Areas
This report provides a practical and comprehensive representation, in the form of case studies, which outline successful approaches to the identification and planning of road freight routes in urban and rural areas by a number of state jurisdictions.…
Planning for Freight in Urban Areas
This report provides background, data references and guidelines for planners and traffic engineers in addressing planning issues associated with development projects that will affect freight movements, particularly in urban areas.
Geometric Design for Trucks: When, Where and How?
While truck tracking characteristics are a primary consideration for intersection geometry and curve widening practices, most road geometric design standards, particularly alignment design standards, are based on the performance characteristics of…
Guidelines for Multi-combination Vehicle Route Access Assessment
Variations exist in the methods and practices used by each of the authorities for the assessment of route access, yet increasing vehicle productivity without compromising safety underlie all of their heavy vehicle route access assessment procedures.…
Freight Transport Chain Case Studies: Consolidated Findings
This report includes a review of recent freight transport case studies including a number involving intermodal operations, and the identification of broader trends and conclusions on freight operations that can be inferred from case studies.…