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Overcoming Barriers to the Off-peak Movement of Freight in Urban Areas
This report examines successful examples of off-peak freight movement around the world and identifies obstacles which are limiting the uptake of off-peak delivery in Australia.
Defining Asset Management Level of Service Requirements for Freight on Rural Arterial Roads

This report documents the outcomes of surveys of road freight drivers, operators and road infrastructure managers to better understand their asset management level of service (LOS) requirements.

The survey responses identified three primary road…

Freight Movement in Emergency Situations
This study researches how essential and general freight movement assists the economic resilience of industry and communities impacted by emergencies. The literature review confirmed this premise, as did six public and private sector workshops.
Improving High Productivity Vehicle Access through Potential Charging Regimes
This study assessed how charging regimes could increase high productivity vehicle (HPV) access, using three case study insights.
Expansion of the Performance Based Standards Route Assessment Tool (PBS RAT)
This report summarises the outcomes of an Austroads project which investigated expansion options and priorities for the Performance Based Standards Route Assessment Tool (PBS RAT). The PBS RAT is an online tool designed to help local government road…
Improving Freight Vehicle Access through Direct Private Investment in Public Road Infrastructure: A Framework for Guiding Private Sector Participation
This report provides a generic framework for private investment in public road infrastructure.
Road Design for Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicle crashes across Australia and New Zealand continue to be a major road safety issue. There are road design criteria that are not based on the requirements of heavy vehicles and the purpose of this study was to update criteria for…

Guidelines for Planning and Assessment of Road Freight Access in Industrial Areas
These guidelines have been developed to help councils plan and assess road freight access to industrial areas, including ensuring that infrastructure provided by developers is adequate to meet access needs for many years.
Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Bridges to Carry Increased Vehicle Weights
Detailed investigation and live-load evaluation was undertaken for several 1930s reinforced concrete bridges followed by strengthening where required.
A New Vehicle Loading Standard for Road Bridges in New Zealand
With the progressive increase in heavy vehicle loadings associated with improved transport vehicle technology, the current vehicle loading standard for the design of bridges in New Zealand, first introduced in 1972, may not be appropriate for use in…