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Level of Service Requirements for Freight on Rural Roads and Refinement of Heavy Vehicle Roughness Band Index
Following on from previous work, the purpose of this project was to complete an investigation of subjective ratings of ride quality of A, B and C roads in Victoria while driving a passenger car and a range of heavy vehicles.
Webinar: Operations of Automated Heavy Vehicles in Remote and Regional Areas
This webinar, presented on 25 September 2018, presents challenges around the introduction of automated heavy vehicles to remote and regional areas and the opportunities for future their use in Australia and New Zealand.
Operations of Automated Heavy Vehicles in Remote and Regional Areas
This report identifies opportunities for future use of automated heavy vehicles in regional and remote areas of Australia and New Zealand, as well as any boundaries to prevent such use. The report provides road managers and industry with direction…
Webinar: Local Road Access for High Productivity Freight Vehicles
This webinar, presented on 27 March 2018, outlines the contemporary barriers to local road access for high productivity freight vehicles, and some of the options available for local road managers when considering road access. The webinar was…
Local Road Access for High Productivity Freight Vehicles
This report examines the status of Australia's municipal Performance Based Standards (PBS) networks and the challenges of providing access to High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV) on local roads. The many challenges local road managers face when…
Modelling for High Productivity Vehicles in Metropolitan Areas
This report examines the impact of PBS 2B vehicle access on metropolitan roads.
Webinar: Community Service Obligations Framework for the Roads Sector
This webinar, presented on 29 June 2017, provides an overview of how Community Service Obligations could be applied to the roads sector and how establishing a CSO framework could help clarify road funding arrangements. Community service obligations…
Webinar: Future Challenges of Changing Agricultural Equipment
This webinar addresses the road safety and infrastructure challenges posed by the operation of agricultural vehicles and equipment on public roads. It is presented by Adam Ritzinger, lead author of the 2016 Austroads report Future Challenges of…
Management of Heavy Vehicle Access to Bridges
Australia has regularly reviewed access to the road and bridge network with a view to increasing transport productivity. The current access regime for heavy vehicles has evolved over time with access now controlled by a range of regulations, notices,…
Strengthening of Bridges for Higher Productivity Freight Vehicles
Currently there is pressure from the freight industry to allow higher performance freight vehicles (HPFV) the use of major transport routes, particularly between the major centres of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. An initial review of the existing…