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Webinar: Community Service Obligations Framework for the Roads Sector
This webinar, presented on 29 June 2017, provides an overview of how Community Service Obligations could be applied to the roads sector and how establishing a CSO framework could help clarify road funding arrangements. Community service obligations…
Community Service Obligations Framework for the Roads Sector
This report examines the application of community service obligations (CSOs) to the roads sector and provides an overview of the potential options which could be utilised in the development of a Community Service Obligations framework.
Investigating the Potential Benefits of Enhanced End to End Supply Chain Visibility
This report examines the benefits of using end-to-end supply chain visibility technologies and considers issues relating to leadership and practical adoption of the technology.
Urban Freight: Development of a Policy Framework to Support Safety, Efficiency and Productivity
This report summarises the work undertaken and conclusions reached as part of an Austroads project to develop a policy framework to enhance the productivity, safety and efficiency of freight in the urban context.
PBS Level 3 and 4 Standards Review
This report details a review undertaken to identify potential issues that are limiting the uptake of the PBS (Performance Based Standards) Level 3 and 4 vehicles and provide recommendations for improving the standards to increase the use of safer…
Harmonisation of Pilot and Escort Vehicle Driver Requirements: Stage 2
This report documents the process and results of industry consultation in relation to a nationally harmonised pilot and escort vehicle driver accreditation scheme and operational guideline proposed in 2013.
Guidelines for Planning and Assessment of Road Freight Access in Industrial Areas
These guidelines have been developed to help councils plan and assess road freight access to industrial areas, including ensuring that infrastructure provided by developers is adequate to meet access needs for many years.
Harmonisation of Pilot and Escort Vehicle Driver Requirements
This report presents the current situation for pilot and escort vehicle drivers in Australian jurisdictions, and proposes a nationally harmonised approach. This approach was developed in consultation with jurisdictional stakeholders through…
Feasibility Study: Heavy Vehicle Charging in Australia
This report presents the findings of a Feasibility Study, conducted by Rapp Trans on behalf of Austroads, into procedural, technical and market issues associated with potential business models to support the reform of heavy vehicle charging in…
Freight Task Industry Stakeholder Assessment
Improving effectiveness in the ways that road transport authorities consult with road freight stakeholders regarding the issues and challenges faced by the freight task in Australia and New Zealand is important as a growing number of strategic and…