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Webinar: Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets
This webinar, presented on 11 September 2018, provides an overview of Austroads’ Guideline for Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets, and how to apply it.
Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets: Guideline
The purpose of this guideline is to assist organisations determine the appropriate minimum level of componentisation for road infrastructure assets. This guideline is designed to facilitate improved integration and alignment of asset management,…
Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets: Background Research
This report details the background research that underpins the Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets: Guideline.It provides background information to support organisations with implementation of the Guideline and includes…
Community Service Obligations Framework for the Roads Sector
This report examines the application of community service obligations (CSOs) to the roads sector and provides an overview of the potential options which could be utilised in the development of a Community Service Obligations framework.
Reforming Remote and Regional Road Funding in Australia
This report examines the current funding and financing arrangements for regional and remote roads in Australia and considers the implications of road funding reforms.
Improving Freight Vehicle Access through Direct Private Investment in Public Road Infrastructure: A Framework for Guiding Private Sector Participation
This report provides a generic framework for private investment in public road infrastructure.
Updating Environmental Externalities Unit Values
This report provides updated unit costs and price indices used to estimate environmental costs in the economic evaluation of Australian road infrastructure and transport projects.
Update of Vehicle/Road Relationships Underpinning Road User Costs and Externality Costs

This publication reviews current methodologies for estimating vehicle operating costs (VOC). Recent Austroads work (TP1349) highlighted the need to improve the VOC-road roughness relationship. This report achieves this by conducting a literature…

Improving Local Road Expenditure Data Provision

Local road expenditure data is collected and reported by the Australia Bureau of Statistics and used by the National Transport Commission (NTC) in its heavy vehicle charging methodology. This project is to improve local road expenditure data to…

Component Costs in Transport Projects to Ensure the Appropriate Valuing of Safety Effects
Austroads commissioned ARRB to consider the current costing procedures used in determining the relative cost share of safety in project evaluation. Australia currently uses a human capital approach to the valuation of crash costs, while many other…